The impact of self-retaining reactors on the paraspinal muscles during posterior spinal surgery.

  • The substantial rise in pressure in erector spine muscle
  • Factor in the generation of post-operative scar tissue, dysfunction of spinal muscles

Objective assessment of reduced invasiveness in MED. Compared with a conventional one-level laminotomy.


The changes in the above figure levels post-operatively. At each time point, the open laminotomy group showed statistically higher IL-6 values than both the MED MD groups. Between the MED and MD groups, however, there was no difference detected. Significantly different from the MED group (p<0.05)


CRP values 1 day post-operatively. The mean CRP level in the MED group was 0.91+0.18mg/dI, 1.76+0.36mg/dI in the MD group, and 5.44+0.94 mg/dI the open laminotomy group. No significant differences were observed between the MED and MD groups. Significantly different from the MED group (P<0.05)